Central Vacuum Hoses

Central Vacuum Hoses

We offer a wide variety of central vacuum hoses.  Central vacuum hoses come as standard, non-electric variety and electric hoses that work with a power brush attachment.  Hoses are one of the driving forces of central vacuum systems.  By plugging the hose into an inlet valve, contact is made with low voltage wiring, which activates the vacuum. For further assistance regarding which hose is right for you, call All About Central Vacuums at 470-441-5665

Basic Central Vac Hose

Central vacuum hoses for use with central vacuum systems.

Standard Low Voltage Hose

Standard Low Voltage Hose with On/Off Switch for central vacuums.

with On/Off Switch

Gas Pump Style Low Voltage Hose

Gas pump style low voltage hose for central vacuums.

with On/Off Switch

Standard Central Vacuum Hose

Standard central vacuum hose with pigtail end.

with pigtail end

Gas Pump Style Handle Hose

Gas pump style hose with direct connect for central vacuums.

Direct Connect

Beam Q Kit & Electrolux Quiet Clean

Beam Q Kit & Electrolux Quiet Clean Square Neck Hose for Central Vacuums.

Square neck hose

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