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Installation in Atlanta

New Construction Central Vacuum Installation

If you are building a new home in Atlanta, now is the perfect time to install a central vacuum cleaner. Installing a central vacuum during the construction phase is simple and easy. All About Central Vacuums can install the unit of your dreams after we carefully plan and design the best central vacuum system for your new home. Together we can plan the location of the power unit, wall inlets and plan for any additional accessories you may want. Such as Hide-A-Hose units, built in Vacpan dustpans, and other quick clean products.

Tubing and inlets are installed and electrical hook-up for the Power Unit is made before drywall, plaster or finished flooring is in place. Which saves you money since there are no drywall repairs needed after installation. For those trying to stretch their home building dollars, we can install only the inlets at this stage. Then when the budget allows, you can select the power unit and attachments at a later date.

All About Central Vacuums works with many reputable builders throughout Atlanta.

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Benefits of a Central Vacuum Cleaner

Quiet and easy to use central vacuums can be a big benefit. Since the motorized portion of the vacuum is tucked away in your home, you don’t have to hear the loud roar of a vacuum. And with no heavy units to push or carry around, vacuuming is actually a pleasure.

If you ever want to sell your home, having a central vacuum system will increase your home’s value.   Having a central vacuum system shows buyers you are dedicated to taking care of your home and believe in quality.

With it’s powerful filters, a central vacuum will help to reduce allergies and dust, which keeps the air in your home cleaner. Leading to a healthier environment for you and your family. You can even place the central vacuum unit in the garage or away from your living areas so that the dust stays out of your home.

A Central Vacuum Cleaner will help keep your home cleaner. A central vacuum has a much more powerful motor than a traditional portable vacuum. Which will give you better suction and cleaning ability. Keeping your home looking like new for longer.

Our Brands

We offer service and repair for any brand of central vac, whether you bought from us or not.

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